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Full Time Missionaries
from The Yosemite Ward in CA


Minneapolis Minnesota Mission

Hello. I'm Elder Andrew Hatch,
a missionary for
The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints,
now serving in the
Minneapolis Minnesota Mission.

So! I'm going on a mission to Minneapolis Minnesota! I've already started at the MTC and I'm having one of the best, yet hardest times of my life preparing to do God's work.


Specifically, I would like to thank my mom, Jennifer Hatch , who's the most wonderful person that could ever be anyone's mother that I can imagine.











I'm biased of course haha but in the last few weeks I've really grown an appreciation for her and her love for our family. From staying up late making sure all the proper paperwork is filled to helping pay for all of the things I need to the emotional comfort when things get really hard, I cannot express how much she means to me. I appreciate being her son so much and her example has been a key to my motivation for wanting to do this great work.

I love you mom ❤️.

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