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Grant Johnson
March 12, 2022 · joined the group along with Joel Souders.

Come unto Jesus From Family Discovery Day

Such a beautiful message and a wonderful way to finish the hour with Elder Soares and his wife.

Grant Johnson

A must go to site for Training in Familysearch as well as localities. Such great classes and they work directly with FamilySearch to provide good training for Those using FamilySearch. Classes for beginners, consultants, and advanced Family Historians.

Grant Johnson

As always Rootstech has been inspiring. So much to learn and we can continue to watch the classes for the next year. Many of the live classes are now posted and ready for viewing . Its time for FamilyDiscoveryDay so be sure and watch the Opening Presentation by Eldere Soarres and his wife. I am sure it will be inspirational. Attached is the link to view it at 12:00PM GMT

Grant Johnson

Hi this is Heather Nilsson. I am the Ward Family History and Temple Consultant in our ward. If their is anyone in the ward interested in starting their family history, I would be very happy to help them get started? I have done a lot of work on both my family trees. I was adopted so that is why I have two trees. One for my adopted family. And one for my birth family. I have several family stories that I could share with you. I love family history and temple work. I did a service mission. I served at The Los Angeles Temple. I did a lot of work there.

Grant Johnson


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