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Live Scan @ Yosemite Ward building Sep 14 6:30-8:30 pm

From Evan Moses, Fresno Stake. Hello Brothers and Sisters, In order to be in compliance with California State Law (AB 506) the Church is currently in the process of assisting all members who serve in California that work with minors for at least 32 hours per year to undergo a criminal background check. The two attached documents are from the Church. The first is a copy of the application which also contains informaiton explaining how this background check is completed, where the informaiton is sent, and who is able to see the results of this background check. The second document explains how to complete the application and the Live Scan Process. The Stake is currently in the process of contracting with a Live Scan Provider in order to minimze burden to the members which will complete STEPS 2 and 3 so there aren't any out of pocket expenses incurred. Please help us ensure that we're honoring and sustaining the law as we move forward in this process. The Stake Leadership will work with your local Bishopric to schedule a visit to your specific Ward building in the near future to further limit the travel burden to Members to complete this process. The application can be pre-filled by you and brought to the building the date when Live Scan Technicians will be on site. Please only complete the boxes in the "Applicant Information" section. If you're unable to make it to one of the future dates scheduled for your building, that are to be annoucned shortly, there will be another date scheduled at the Stake Center or you can attend another Wards scheduled date. We'll most likely have more than one date for Chapels that have more than 1 ward attending i.e. Stake Center, Madera, and Kerman. Bishoprics and Organizational Presidencies; please ensure that all necessary members receive this information who do not have a email listed so that they're able to be prepared. If you have questions or concerns please contact your Bishopric or one of the Stake Presidency. We thank you for your efforts in serving in the church and helping us protect Heavenly Father's children. Thank you, Evan Moses

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