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There is Sunshine in My Soul Today 我不知道要说什么所以我就说中文哈哈

Updated: Feb 12, 2022


Hello everyone!

We had zone conference with Elder Bragg! He's a general authority from California! We got something in common haha. This zone conference was my favorite besides my first one. The spirit was so strong! I received so many answers to questions I've had this transfer, and I know that everything that was said came straight from the Lord!

After zone conference, I had the privilege of being one of the seven sisters to be interviewed by Elder Bragg (not to bragg lol) which was pretty special! I'm so thankful for the spirit that was present throughout the whole conference and interview!

I'm not sure if I mentioned that we are in a family ward now, but it's quite the opposite of being in a YSA ward. We get so much food from the members we can't even finish our leftovers before we get another member meal! No wonder they call this the 40 pound mission..

This past Sunday this little girl walks up to us during first hour and starts going through my purse, so I pulled out the first thing that wasn't my wallet (a notebook) and I was like "You wanna draw?" And so she started drawing away! All over the notebook and my companion's arm! Then she runs away with my notebook and pen lol. Comes back 2 minutes later and steals sister Sala's chapstick! Haha, she was too cute to say no to. After that we kept our purses under our seats tho Gotta love the family wards!

We have been "planting" lots of "seeds" this week. That's where we teach people principles, have a good discussion, or recommend they take a virtual tour, but we didn't get contact info (something I'm trying to be more bold with). And some people don't want to be contacted after their experience at the VC or on TC. Sometimes they need to ponder things out in their minds, and find out for themselves if something is true or not. We can't give them their testimony, but we can give them ours.

I know that this church is true. I know that because I have had too many personal experiences that have strengthened my testimony from reading the Book of Mormon and the new testament. From studying the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that these things are true. Sometimes I get people on TC that try to stump me. And sometimes they succeed. I don't know the answer to every single question, but my faith remains unshaken because of the experiences I've had that keep me anchored in the gospel.

My dad once related a testimony to a boat with anchors (this is probably a common teaching analogy). Once you have an experience that strengthens your testimony, that is an anchor! And you can have multiple testimonies! You can have a testimony of the BOM, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, etc. When we study the gospel, and receive answers to our prayers by having the spirit confirm it to us, those are our anchors. And when we have enough of those, the storms of life won't even be enough to rock our boat because we're anchored in the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Heleman 5:12! slightly different analogy, but you get the point)

I love you all! Keep praying for us missionaries because we're praying for us too! Haha just kidding but not really. I'm praying for you guys too, and I hope you find time to put the spiritual things first in your life. That's when you really start to strengthen your foundation. Have the bestest week!!

- Sister Johnson

1. My little angel nephew!!

2. Our mission pic w/ Elder and Sister Bragg!

3-6. Our beach trip last pday! We can't go on the sand, but rocks are okizay as long as they're not wet

7. Thanks for the cloud umbrella mom & dad! It matches the sky! Haha

8. Temple hill view

9. There is sunshine in my soul today!

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Great testimony Sister Johnson and sounds like things are going well :) Keep up the good work! Mahalo :)

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