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9 Chinese Missionaries in the branch🤙

Well.. 11 if you count the Seniors.

Yeah. We've had 7 missionaries in one branch for the longest time, and I thought that was a lot.

Now 9

Let's goo

3 trios

Anyways. I (sort of) got new comps.

Elder Stewart, and Elder Renaud.

Elder Stewart is fairly new to the mission field. Elder Renaud was my comp in the MTC, second time in the first 3 months of the mission field. Now a third time at my 9 month mark.

Pretty crazy. I think It's kinda rare to have the same companion as before.

But yeah, I love my new companions. We're having a blast and a half.

I can't believe it's already been 9 months...

Doesn't feel right...

But I've learned so much during my mission, I've learned to overcome hard trials, and depend more upon the Lord.

Cause when you're a missionary.. You kinda have to do so, or you're not going to get much success.

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's the most exciting, beautifully laid out plan designed by a loving Heavenly Father that gave his Son so that we might make it back to him.

I love my mission, and I'm glad I can be on the Lord's errand to at least bring one soul unto him.

To all the missionaries out there who feel like they are falling short; As long as you talk about the Gospel, and have that love and desire for the welfare of others, you are doing amazing



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