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A blind referee

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Here comes a man dressed as a referee in a football game. He has on dark

glasses and is probing the sidewalk in front of him with a Blind Man's


Over there a huge Caltrans fire truck is flashing red lights.

And in this place we find a man dressed as a gold rush 49er. He is

supervising a sluice box where children are looking for gemstones in the

wet gravel.

Over all the excitement and bustle we hear music from the 50s. Right now

the music says we are to Walk Like an Egyptian. The Parking lot is full

of cars, each car with the trunk open and displaying a Halloween theme.

At every stop children are filling their baskets with candy.

We can smell the powerful aroma of cooking meat where people are lined

up to fill their plates with excellent BBQ. At the end of the parking

lot, a huge dragon is fanning its wings. Over here is a giant dump truck

with gigantic tires, obviously an old military vehicle which has been

made into an off-road monster. Many have brought their pet dogs, but one

man has a goat on a leash.

The children are wearing costumes so they look like characters from

movies. Their parents are also dressed as well-known characters from

literature. Now the music describes a purple people eater. It is the

annual Trunk or Treat Halloween social sponsored by the Yosemite Ward of

the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Oakhurst, California.

The Sun is setting in the West. The temperatures are dropping into the

50s. Ok, little dinosaurs, princesses, and monsters, it is time to go

home and count your pieces of candy.

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