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A "gentle" nudge

Aloha my friends!

This week was great!

Man I still can't get over how good General Conference was! Our missionary president asked us to review the new For the Strength of Youth booklet and oh my that think is amazing!! I'm only on like the second section but I went overtime on my personal study this morning because there's so much to learn from it! I strongly encourage everyone (not just youth) to read it. It really strengthened my testimony in just those 15 minutes, so... if you want to strengthen your relationship with your Savior, read the BoM. And the youth pamphlet!

We didn't find any new friends to teach this week, but I'm trying not to measure our success by comparison. Something we learned from one of the podcasts in Canvas (study materials) was that you need to balance. At first we had a ton of new people to teach, and we've been so busted busy setting up lessons and teaching our friends that finding seems almost counterproductive. But now it's starting to slow down and I realize you really do need to prioritize both. You need to balance teaching and finding so that it never slows down even a little bit.

On a super happy note, our friend Sheena was baptized yesterday!! She has the cutest little 3 year old and a super awesome husband. Their a great family. So happy that she decided to be an example to them and herself! She loves the gospel and I'm so thankful to know that it will bless her and her family immensely!

A little funny but awesome part of our week was getting one of our less active friends to go to church! He's been avoiding church for some reason. We invited him to come to church the week before conference, and he said "we'll see". And he didn't show. *sigh*. So this time we called him and we were determined to give him a gentle nudge. We called him and asked if he was coming to church. He said "we'll see" again, and my companion sweetly raises her her voice repeating his name. As if to say "you better go " he then replied sO fast and said "okay I'm coming!"

It was crazy that that's all it took! And he showed up to church the next day with a suit and everything to pass the Sacrament! It was really special seeing him there. He hasn't been in such a long time. I think everyone needs a gentle nudge every once in a while. And it was a special miracle for us.

Sorry it's short this week, but I want yall to know that my relationship with my savior is growing everyday as I study his gospel.

"Learn of me, and listen to my words; walk in the meekness of my Spirit, and you shall have peace in me." D&C 19:23

Love you lots! Do something that brings you closer to Him this week!


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