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A once in a lifetime experience!

On attending General Conference as a missionary. Probably a once in a lifetime experience and oh so wonderful, Being able to attend not one but 3 sessions and sitting only three rows back from the front on the side the Prophet and his Apostles come in on and standing a Stone’s Throw away from them as they entered the Conference Hall. Being able to sit in a section with other missionaries and knowing that you are all serving the Lord together. To sit and watch as the Prophet walks into the room and feel the soft assurance that he is indeed called of God to serve at this time in a difficult world.

It was a wonderful week full of special experiences. Being in the Library and able to give a Guest experience to visiting Seventies from Brazil, Portugal and Peru was a special experience and Elder Burrow was able to pull it off with great confidence.

Is this mission what we expected? Absolutely not. Is it always a joy or easy. No.

But do the experiences and growth that is occurring in our lives make it worth it. A resounding yes. Elder Burrow can now give a lecture on the First Vision or the Book of Mormon easily and with great knowledge. Sister Burrow has learned new ways to find the records of her ancestors in the Records of the Church and delights in doing research on the Early Pioneers of Utah. We are learning to Love the staff and missionaries that we spend our days with. They have become treasures in our lives. Friends not acquaintances.

If We could leave one message for our friends. It would be: take the time to serve the Lord in your later years. The time will go quickly. He will take care of your family and bless them while you are away, and you will learn new ways to serve and love others that you didn’t think was possible. Is a Senior Mission worth the time away from your family? Absolutely. We have learned it is all about attitude. The answer is not what you are sacrificing to serve a mission but the desire to be a covenant keeping individual willing to consecrate everything to the Lord and his kingdom that makes a mission easy.

Elder and Sister Burrow

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Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Apr 20, 2022

I never got to attend a General Conference there, must be pretty special to be so up close and in plain sight like that! Looks like you were on the camera too. I love the prophets and apostles of Jesus Christ, they do such a wonderful job today... in such a challenging world.

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