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Annual Bass Lake Yosemite Ward Summer Activity

This year at the lake, was similar to last year (same spot at Recreation Point), a lot of people showed up again and we had great food (hamburgers and hotdogs and all the works), setting at a great lake with shaded picnic grounds below tall pine trees.

The people were great!

This movie doesn't do service to the fun and the conversations, but gives a simple idea of what we did, some of who was there, etc. Sorry if your picture is not in here, we know who you are because we all talked with each other there. Thanks for being there!!

I was glad to have been able to talk with so many of you there.

Bishop Johnson

Coming up for the ward, we have service in the VINEYARD next week just before Labor Day weekend starting on Wednesday. Let's serve and we will also bring some food and drinks for all. Look for the announcement.

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