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APs called and said that President felt inspired to have me perform a musical number. Yikes.

This week has been great! We had our once-a-transfer mission exercise activity, Zone Conference and Thanksgiving all in one week! Pretty crazy! About a day and a half before Zone Conference, the APs called and said that President felt inspired to have me perform a musical number. Yikes. I said yes and chose to sing and play 'I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus' on the guitar. I think the Lord is trying to teach me humility this week, because when I performed my musical # for zone conference, as soon as I stood up my nose started running. That never happens so I was worried it was bleeding or something haha. In the beginning of my song all I could think of was that, and I was extremely nervous as well because I'd never performed a solo before.. but I don't think it was until the second verse (which I sang in Chinese) that I realized it's not about me. So I tried to stop worrying so much, and it turned out a lot better! It just reminded me of what we read in adjusting to missionary life this week. It went something along the lines of "if you're feeling inadequate, just remember that the Lord chooses to work through the simple and weak." Which I think is kinda funny, but it's true! We're not perfect, but he is! And with his help, we can get pretty close!!

Thanksgiving was hectic, yet amazing!! So a member in our branch Was like "Hey, you got the assignment from the previous sisters right?" And we were like "no?" And he was like "yeah you guys have to bring mashed potatoes to the Thanksgiving lunch for the YSA" Yayy! We Didn't have potato peelers or potato mashers, so we asked one of our senior couples, and thankfully they had some! We mashed like a million potatoes that night and had our YSA Thanksgiving at 11 in the morning, then our mission Thanksgiving at 12pm lol. We were stuffed.

Similarly, I was also spiritually stuffed this week! I've been trying to be better about my scripture study lately. We had a scripture study with one of our recent

converts and it was cool to see how she did her study! She would start with a prayer, writre down 1-2 questions, then read, stopping every few verses to write down impressions/answers to her questions. Which is similar to how I did mine, but I tried doing it a little more.. sincerely? And it worked! In the last 3 verses of the chapter I read, I got my 2 questions answered! And the answers were so direct, that I knew Heavenly Father was listening. And he always is! I invite you all to try the scripture study technique. It really does work!

I love you all!! Hope you had a week FULL of Thanksgiving!


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