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As we continue to rely on the Lord in our conversion process, our testimonies will be Unshakeable!

This week was really sad but also really good! We had transfer news, then after heard the testimonies of the departing sisters in front of the Christus Statue at the VC. After that, all the missionaries stood in a large circle where we sang Aloha O'e as the sisters would go down the circle giving everyone a hug in exchange for a lei. We do this every transfer for the sisters who are going home. It's a very special and sad event.

Sister Sala is now officially DEAD. (In mission terms that means done with her mission) I've learned quite a bit from sister Sala and I'm so excited for her to take this new step in her life! She said she'll send me pics of her on the beach so that should be fun haha.

I have a new compie!! Sister Birchell!! I don't have a picture yet, but Not too much has changed! I have the same ward for my area work, but we moved to a new house! Castillo is cute and has a homie feel to it :)

We had district council today (on our pday so rude) and we spent a lot of time getting to know our knew district! We did something that I thought was cool towards the end. We pulled out our notebooks and drew a time-line of all the times we've had experiences that truly converted us to Jesus Christ. "Conversion is an ongoing process, not an event." - an apostle

It's so true! And it's especially important to write those moments down because we forget. And when we're not at our best moments, it's so good to go back and read those experiences that strengthened our testimony and converted us to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I know that's what I need to do when I'm feeling like I don't see a lot of miracles, or if I feel like Heavenly Father doesn't answer my prayers often. When we write down those moments and put it on a time-line, we can truly see that God is ALWAYS in the details of our lives. He's always there and he will never abandon us. John 14:18: I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Let him come to you!

I promise that as we continue to rely on the Lord in our conversion process, our testimonies will become unshakable!

Have the best week everyone! Love you all!!

- 王姐妹

1. We made leis for sister Sala

2. Gonna miss this crazy girl!

3. Our last VC shift together

4-5. They don't tell ya about the chickens in Hawaii

6. Aloha o'e

7. Made my first lei!

8. Not sure if I shared this pic already, but dis our last district pic!!

9-10. Sister Sala's funeral.. R.I.P 11. We found a cassette tape for the Hawaii mission! Wild!

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