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I had the opportunity to open presents with my family, and.. we have a NEW Mission President!

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Literally cannot believe how fast Christmas passed. Rude. Christmas morning was actually so fun on the mission! I had the opportunity to open presents with my family (including elder Johnson) through zoom, so that was epic!

Then we had one big Christmas zoom call with us and me nephews who are serving in Guatemala and Argentina! (FYI this was the first time I've been allowed to video chat them since we all left for our missions.

Pretty big deal!

All they did was make fun of how spoiled I am in Hawaii.

I had a mini miracle at Sacrament back at Christmas time: We had a special meeting after Sacrament, where everyone was invited to share their favorite scripture, and why it was their favorite. I shared one of my new faves on the mish Moroni 10:3-5 (a classic) and bore my testimony about missionary work. After Sacrament, this Chinese guy walks up to me and asked if he could take the lessons with us! I think he might already be a member, but still! He said he took the lessons from the previous missionaries, but his English isn't very good, so he wants to have them in Chinese! What a miracle! I didn't even speak any Chinese when I was bearing my testimony, so I don't even know how he knew I spoke it! But I know the Lord knows, and is giving me opportunities to speak my language!

New Years was actually insane!! Fireworks sounded like literal bombs here, and I swear every neighbor had at LEAST a garage full of em. PARTY to be quite honest, there was nO way we could fall asleep anyway..

COVID is acting up again We had to quarantine last week because someone in our mission got it. Quarantine isn't so bad. It provides opportunities to do the things we otherwise wouldn't have time for!

We had to watch our VC director's Aloha oe' over zoom which is really sad, but I'm grateful for the technology that allowed us to see it. So grateful for them!! I'm gonna miss them.

But hey we got a new mission president!! He's amazing! Him and Sister Bassett! I'll talk more about them later, but for now I have no time once again.. oof! Love you all! Have a beautiful week!


Sister Johnson

I'm in a brand new mission now: Hawaii Laie Mission

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