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Chef Hong knows all

Aloha my friends! Christmas is fast approaching and it doesn't feel like it to be honest haha. You think that spending another Christmas in Hawaii would get me used to it but it's it's quite frankly not the same. I suppose being without family makes a big difference too.

In case you were wondering, we're doing great not only as a companionship, but as a house as ell!

We had transfer news (new pday is today obviously) which I realized was my last official transfer news That's not okay. My last transfer. Me and Sister Hong are staying! Wooo!! She's gonna kill me (missionary slang for being someone's last companion who sends them home)

We and the other 2 Sisters we're living with are also staying, so it feels like a 12 week transfer which is fun! We make dinners as a house and we call Sister Hong "Chef Hong because she's the best cook out of all of us. She professional.

Anyhoo! Let's jump into the miracle of this week! First off to explain my title, Sister Hong is really in tune with the spirit! (She's also a great cook hence her title) We had trams this week and as we were making goals for that shift, Sister Hong goes: "Hypothetically.. if a Chinese couple comes onto our tram.. and they don't speak a lot of English... would you give the tram tour in Chinese?" Me: "... I don't know, I've never even tried giving it in Chinese in my head before" "But if they hardly spoke English, would you try?" "I guesso." Yall already know what happened later that night at trams haha. Our tram was almost filled and sure enough an older Chinese couple gets on the tram. Sister Hong is like "They're here, go ask if they would like you to translate for them!" Like she'd been expecting them! I was low key freaking out, but I asked them and they said they would love that! And to add a cherry on top, the bench rIGht next to them on this fairly packed tram was empty. If that's not divinely appointed idk what is. I sat next to them and translated the best I could (it was pretty bad but they appreciated my efforts lol) and we ended up giving them a tour of the VC too!

They had lots of great questions! We offered them a Book of Mormon and she asked how it differentiated from the Bible. After explaining simply that it's more of God's word and is another testament of Jesus Christ, they gladly took one! It was an amazing miracle that everything worked out so perfectly! MAJOR shout out to Sister Hong for following promtings and forcing me to translate the tram script into Chinese for our new friends!!

God is good, and wants to bless us! I have too much to write about and not enough time. That's life I guess. I love you all so much! Keep lighting the world!! Till next week!


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1 Comment

Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Dec 28, 2022

That is an awesome accomplishment Emily! To translate on the fly like that!

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