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Church Meetings at the Yosemite Ward are cancelled for May 5, 2024

Due to an unforeseen leak in the propane tank the tank is now empty and the heating systems have failed. The temperatures in Oakhurst are cold and will be dropping to 39 degrees Sunday morning just before the first meetings after 6 am. Since there is no heat in the building for the time being (also the church building has been inundated with a strong propane smell typical of an empty tank, making the building unsafe until a contractor can fix the problem and fix the propane systems), church will be held in your individual homes.

We would encourage you to hold your own meeting, reflect upon the Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement, sing hymns, and read the scriptures.

A copy of the ward bulletin and announcements PDF file is included below, but the Sunday programs and classes at the church building are cancelled for May 5.

Download PDF • 3.35MB

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