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Sick all week. But luckily we live in an advanced world where we can still find people even if we are inside quarantining.

Not much luck but I found at least 8 people and got some good conversation with them through messaging. Not the best at it but I am getting better at it.

Last last week though was awesome. I didn't write about it cause I forgot to, but we are meeting with this Chinese family. The wife is Wen Ge, and the Husband is Xiao Tu.

The wife is a seeker of truth, she wants to know what's the purpose of life, how to find joy, and what's the end goal.

So, me and Elder Loveland talk with her about family and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses family! And how family can be sealed for all of eternities.

Even the Husband has lots of amazing questions.

They have a daughter thats 5-7 years old and a little 2 year old son. They were supposed to come last Sunday but they got sick with a bad fever, and we got sick also. Hopefully this Sunday they will be able to make it. This family is close to the doors of baptism, I can feel it.

That's basically it for this week, peace

Elder Johnson

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