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Elder Johnson: "大家好!(Da Jia Hao)Hello everybody!" 11/01/2021

Adam Johnson. Nov 1, 2021

大家好! (Da Jia Hao) Hello everybody! I skipped a week cause I admit, I was lazy… But anyways! These past few weeks have been great. Me and the Elders helped this old Chinese woman by cleaning her house. Her house space is very very sad looking. Literally just piles and piles of trash, unnecessary items, it's just a mess. Literally every piece of cloth/trash you pick up… Dozens of roaches and spiders just crawl out. It's a mess. But we Elders are willing. We cleaned alot, and were going to help more this week. Feels good giving service. She's very stressed, and us helping her is definitely lifting the weight off her shoulders. Finally tried a new weird Chinese dish: 猪红 (Zhu Hong) Pig blood It's as bad as it sounds. Literally just pig blood concentrated into a jelly like cube. Doesn't taste bad, and it doesn't taste good either. Literally just tastes like jelly. But the thought makes it worse Were getting more and more Chinese people to the ward. It's slowly growing. We're getting more open doors. It's exciting! We went hiking. Good recreational activity. Dummy windy, and the weather is getting colder and colder. I love it Can't wait for Montreal to start snowin'. Anyways, that's all for now. My past few emails I haven't sent a single pic. So I'll do that with this email

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