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Elder Johnson: "feels like I've been here for months"

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Adam Johnson. Mon, Oct 18, 12:26 PM

More than a week in, and it feels like I've been here for months. I can actually stand on the metro without having to cling to a handlebar My favorite day out of all last week was Thursday, so much was done. The first thing we did was we met up with a friend that Elder Garside and his old companion taught. His name is Ben. He's not a member, but is very interested in our Church. We had fun talking, getting to know each other, and then we talked about Job in the old testament, and shared some wonderful scriptures with him. And bearing testimony to him was the best part. He wanted to know more about what happens after this life. I can't imagine what it would be like not having, knowing, or living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After that, we went home. We had a lot of time on our hands, so we decided to go outside and give some Book of Mormons to strangers We walked through a park, and saw a couple of Drunk old guys with an oldish woman at a picnic table. The oldish woman noticed that we were from a church and seemed a little interested. but the moment was ruined when the oldish drunk guy was like "Aight, we've heard enough, now go away." But before we went we offered him a Book of Mormon cause (why not). He took it, put it on the table, and was like "Ok, now piss off! Get!" He started hopping a bit and one of my companions thought we were gonna die. It was great. We then went to the metro to find more people. We got on the train, and one of my goals this week was to talk to at least one Chinese stranger. We got on the train, and we found one Chinese lady. I sat down across from her, and my mind was like "now or never" So I leaned towards her and said "你好"(Níhăo, Hello) The conversation was a bit scuffed in the beginning, but we started talking for a long time. We talked about Montreal, China, etc. She was a wonderful woman. And then after about 4 stops she told me this was her stop. And then I offered her a Book of Mormon, she politely declined and I think she told me she was Buddhist or something. And so I said "no problem, all good!" Now going back in time, as soon as I started talking to this woman, an African-American started talking to Elder Garside. They had a conversation about the Book of Mormon, and he later told us that he was a member of our Church, but left because of confusion, and lots of missing holes. But he told us that he was very proud of what we were doing, and that the world needs us. We exchanged numbers, and it was a good time. We went home, and felt very accomplished. Even though I didn't receive that Chinese woman's number, or invited her to meet again some time, it really boosted up my confidence, and I'm getting better everyday. And I'm sure there's more that I can talk about, but this email is long enough! Talk tyall next week -Johnson 长老 P.s. I'll probably send some pics tonight, just not at the moment

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