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Firewood in the Church's Shed!

Well winter is shortly upon us and many in our ward might be cold if wood supplies get short. We are working as a ward to help build a supply of heat (in the form of cut and split firewood) to help those in need.

This last Wednesday several of us met at the Millar Ranch to cut and chop OAK wood from huge limbs that had fallen to the ground and were dried for a season and are now ready to burn.



After loading the cleaned out shed (a couple of weeks before, we had a youth project to clean out all the old and unused and broken things out of the shed, and leave it available for a couple of weeks for the taking outside the barn, then cleaned out all the cob webs, all the dust and dirt, and used the big blower to get all the decades old dust out of there. The cement floor was completely clean, and all the junk was removed, including rotten cabinets that were probably donated two decades ago, or more. Black widows were killed and removed with the process. A CLEAN SHED at last!

Now it was ready for a new repurposed use, to help the needy and to provide a centralized place for the storage of and inventory of ready to burn firewood.

So with the shed already clean, we loaded the shed with our first load of cut and split firewood that we had just prepared that day at the ranch. Unloading the single pickup truck, the wood was transferred neatly to the shed, stacked against the concrete wall. There is room for much more firewood, probably about 8 cords. Anyone who wants to donate to this inventory for those in need in our ward is free to set up a time for delivery or pickup with a member of the Bishopric.

After offloading all the new cut wood, we then turned our attentions to the rest of the JUNK that was not wanted, and we transferred it to a large construction junk trailer that was generously donated for our use by a member of our ward, who would probably want to remain anonymous, but he also took that trailer to the transfer station and dumped it free of charge to us. Its generous acts like this, our team coming together, that can help those that are in need in our ward and also provide an atmosphere of generosity and service to others in many different capacities.

After loading the trailer and using the blower to clean up the walks and roads from our tree bark and dust, we got in our vehicles and headed back to the ranch for some relaxation and fun that night.


It was an eventful night, with firewood service, clean up of the junk in the shed, and the loading of the shed with firewood, and then back to the barn for some fun and games and a spiritual message. A game of Jeopardy was played in teams of girls against the guys, on the big screen with category topics Youth Program, HYMNS, Book of Mormon, etc.

...and 8 pizzas and all the cold fresh mountain water you could drink.

It was a gamble that it would all work out that day, but to my pleasant surprise, IT DID!! Such a great group of youth and their leaders / advisors.

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