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First miracle of 2023

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

So many miracles these last 3 months.

We went to an english Sacrament meeting for our friend GuDongRen who lives on the west side of the island of Montréal; and while we're sitting on the front row, we get a text from one of the members of that ward saying,

"There's a Chinese guy in the back, he doesn't speak much english but is very friendly. We're not sure if he's a member or not because of the language barrier." Afterwards we talked with him. He goes by Peter, he just recently moved here from China and found out about this church. (His Chinese was kind of hard to understand cause I'm still not sure how he found out about this church) Anyways! I talked with him about Jesus Christ and his Atonement for us, got his facebook and number, and now we're meeting with him this Thursday... CRAzy! Literally a HUGE miracle. We were meant to be there that Sunday. He's very elect. He has an open heart and is ready to recieve the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Same with GuDongRen, we're very excited for him. He has a baptismal date in march, but he feels that he probably needs a little more time. We're just thankful that he knows that this is very important and that he's taking it seriously. I'm excited for this new year️️️️️ Peace —Elder Johnson

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