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FOOD SUPPLY for Emergencies, YOSEMITE WARD Emergency Preparedness Plan

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

I was browsing the LDS Store today and saw a lot of sales on food supply or food storage.

If possible, now would be a good time to replenish one's family or personal supply, because you never know, and when/if a food shortage happens in a down economy which sometimes results in a run on the stores due to supply chain issues, it is good to have these essential items to survive a shortage and to share with others in need.

Also take a look at our Yosemite Ward's Emergency Preparedness Plan, assembled by Chris Frisbee in our ward, and filled with a wealth of great organized information on how to be prepared for numerous situations, including emergencies.

In my limited research, I saw prices of a food supply kit online today with 28,000 calories total in the bucket, and it cost $380.

I compared that price to a box of red wheat (6 #10 cans of it with a total of 50,000 calories and over 300 servings) and it cost only $46. With my math skills that is about 20 times cheaper than the brand name. Besides, DESERET is a brand name and probably the oldest in the nation for food supply. SO you can depend on it. Experience and quality. And with a 2000% savings in cost, not a bad deal.

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