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Fun and Fellowship in the Lord's Vineyard!

I knew it was going to be hot, but had no idea that it would be that hot. The effective "hot" was to have a completely drenched shirt at the end of three hours, and with what seemed like about 50 people from the Yosemite Ward all there working together to get the job done, we got only about s single row done at that time, out of our three assigned. We had a near full showing of youth in our ward, coming with their families, and so a good portion of our help was from our youth in the Yosemite Ward!

Here is our annual video of ward members having fun doing very hard work out there on the vineyard rows.

The reason? A massive bumper crop of grapes. I have never picked grapes at this vineyard in the past where there were so many to pick on each vine as to make the progress seem slow. Slow compared to the three row assignment which fast turned into what was the equivalent of what a six row assignment would have been in years past.

The Fresno Young Single Adult Ward had only two rows assigned, but they got it all done that same night as us because they had 100 people there.

So several in our ward came out again to serve some more and others who missed on Wednesday came out on THU, FRI, and SAT to get it all done, in smaller numbers, because the pizza and cookies were served on Wednesday 🤪.

Perhaps the most special moment of all came on Saturday morning when Jamie Hansen came to Row 234 where about 4 or 5 of our ward members were there, and Jamie had his whole family, children and their spouses, so about 16 people from that famikly came and swept in with a wave of service! Not only did they halp crank all of that row out, they also broke out into singing hymns in perfect harmony, Come Come Ye Saints, I Need Thee Every Hour, and a few others. I heard it was so spiritual. A FAMILY there working together like that, selflessly helping others!

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