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He will never tell us to do something we can't do.

Hello my friends! It is late where I am! I need sleep but also I wanted to check in with all of you guys! I'll give you a quick rundown of this week!

We went to a music festival and met a whole bunch of fun people and gave them our number! Let's hope that goes well! One of the bands gave us a free poster haha

I've also been Learnin how to play pickleball from the rest of my district so that's been fun for me.

This week I gave a talk on how trusting in the lord can help us live up to our divine potential.

The gift of the atonement was given to us, because God knew we'd fail sometimes. He knew we would succeed after struggling. It was part of the plan. If we were never going to make mistakes, then we wouldn't even need to be here.

He has also given us tools to help direct our abilities and emotions toward that final goal of returning to him. He has given us the scriptures, the book of mormon and the Bible, and the Doctrine and Covenants and the POGP, to aid us in our journey as a guide to life, to give us answers to life's tough questions, instead of having to find them out completely by ourselves. This isnt to say he is going to everything for us- far from it in fact. But he does want us to trust him. Trust that all the hardship we go through will be for our own good. We have to remember, God will never give us a challenge we are not up to. He will never tell us to do something we can't do.

This is because God loves us. And again, he has also given us love, because we can't do it alone. Other people need us more than we know.

I know that we are made of love. It's the best part of being alive. And othe people need that love. I know so many of you back home and on your missions know someone that could use a helping hand. I know that for a lot of you, that someone is you.

The beauty of their being more bad in the world than there ever was is that we have the opportunity to help more people than we ever could. The opportunity to make a difference in their lives.

So I invite you to find a way this week to make a difference to somebody.

That's all from me, catch you next week!!

-Elder Hatch


Pretty Sky, The sisters found my phone, NATL PARK SRVC performing on Saturday, Meygan and the Birdwatcher performing, District IHOP run

District lunch (again), District again

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Janet Hatch
Janet Hatch
Mar 05, 2023

People are good everywhere. We only need to connect.

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