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Heavenly Father prompts us to reach out to all his children, even when we only have a minute left!

Jan 20, 2022

Heyo everybody! It's been a really good week! Before I write these emails I'm usually like "meh. This week was average" and then I get writing and I realize just how many miracles I've encountered! I love being a missionary!!

We did service at the Kapaka farm on Friday. Soo fun! I love physical labor service! We spent about 2 hours pulling weeds, and I saw thE biggest centipede ever (a little bigger than my hand) so that was kinda creepy, but cool haha.

Later it started to rain (#BLESSED #ilovetherainsomuch) and I got all muddy! It was a blast!

We've had lots of little miracles this week! I was on exchanges with sister Liu and we were at the VC, walking the temple grounds.

We saw this girl sitting down so we walked up to her, and started talking. We found out she's in sister Liu's ward! She said she had been praying about some big decisions regarding school and marriage. She wanted to know what the best choices were, and after talking for a bit, sister Liu asked if she had her patriarchal blessing yet. She hadn't! But she said that we answered her prayer, and that she would get it. We saw her a couple days later, and she told us she has her patriarchal blessing scheduled! So happy for her! And happy that the Lord put her in our path so that we could help her.

Another miracle was at TC. I was going through my list of referels and not a single person was picking up, so I was just leaving message after message. Literally 1 minute before our shift was up, I thought "why not leave one more message?" So I called one more person and to my surprise, she answered! Not only that, when I asked all the go-to questions she gave golden answers! She was like "yeah I requested to be taught!" And I asked for her address to send to her local missionaries, and she was like "Oh, I thought I could be taught online by missionaries" I told her of course she could and that she could text me a time that works best for her. I checked later to see if she did, and not 5 minutes after our call, she texted a day and time that worked for her while being sensitive to the fact that I was in Hawaii and that there was a time difference! No one ever does that!

I know she's ready to be taught and that Heavenly Father prompts us to reach out to all of his children, even when we only have a minute left. Sometimes that's all we have!

I invite you all to follow the promptings you get especially when it feels like there's not enough time, it's too inconvenient, or it's not gonna work out. Trust in the Lord, and I promise it WILL work out! "For I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them." (1 Nephi 3:7)

I miss you all like crazy, but time sure does fly when you're doing the Lord's work!! Have a spectacular week peoples!

- 王姐妹

1-4. Kapaka farms!

5. Our STLs gave us ice cream and extra laptops bc our TC schedule was overbooked. Love them!

6. Had my first bowl of Ramen with egg in it. Fire!

7. Muddy after farm!

8. Pho with sis. Liu!

9. Picnic at the beach for the first time!

10. Glorious sunrise before our run!

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1 Comment

Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Apr 20, 2022

Could not help but see all of the CHEEERFUL smiles!!

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