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Hermana Hernandez looked at me and said "Well Sister Johnson, you just found your miracle!

Aloha everyone!! It's been a good week!

One of the highlights of my week was when I was talking to this Chinese family that walked into the VC in Mandarin and the son (looks around 17) leans over to the parents and says:

她的口音比较标准 "ta de kouyin bijiao biaozhun."

Which means "her accent is standard." And in Chinese standard means you sound like them. My MTC teacher said it's basically the highest compliment you can get so I was like 😃😄😄 on the inside haha, definitely wasn't good for my ego lol. It sure made my night tho!

Wednesday was a pretty significant day for 3 reasons:

1. I hit my 6 months on the mission! I'm 1/3 of the way done!!?

2. It's was 2-2-22 how sick is that??

3. My nephew was BORN!! Sooo baby Jax legit has thE coolest birthday, and he has the cutest squishy cheeks!! So precious 😍 I got to call my sister (Steph) for a bit today and see him! He was sleeping. Such a little angel 💙

A miracle I witnessed this week was with Hurmana Hernandez (She's our STL). We went on a mini exchange so she could teach this Spanish speaking couple that walked in while her companion gave a virtual tour with sister Sala to someone they were teaching... that probably makes no sense.

Anyway! After we taught the Spanish couple, we walked the temple grounds and she asked me what I've learned as a missionary since being here. I told her that something I've learned is that you need to pray for miracles, have the faith that it will happen, then go find them. It doesn't work if you just pray and expect it to be given to you. Fath without works is dead. Faith requires action!

After talking about it we met some people from the tram, they asked if I spoke Chinese. I told them yes and we started talking in Chinese.

We lead them into the VC and gave them a quick tour of our temple model, and talked about our beliefs.

Hermana Hernandez was a pro at jumping in to testify of the the power of the temple and the Book of Mormon. We walked them up to the front to give them a Book of Mormon in Mandarin and a few other pamphlets about our beliefs, then Hermana asked for their contact information so we could keep in touch. They said this is the first time anyone has ever talked to them about religion. Or at least this one? Idk, but Hermana Hernandez looked at me after they left and said:

"Well sister Johnson, you just found your miracle!"

She told me that because I had been preparing and practicing my Chinese, the Lord put them in our path. It really got me thinking about how important my language study is. Sometimes it can be hard to study when it feels like I don't use it all the time and there's no one to practice with, but I know that when we put in the effort, that's when the Lord provides opportunities for us to find our miracle(s)! "The Lord loves effort" - Russell M. Nelson

Love you all so much! Have a wondrous week!

- 王姐妹 💙

1-6. I love to see the temple!! Seriously will never get old!

7. A paper-thin toad we found on the road! That's me about to throw up because it smelled like death 🤮💀

8. Picking up trash at the park for service!

9. An adorable little lizard we caught at the VC! We named him zippy, because he was!

10. Check out the new face gear lol

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