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I cannot say I'm a fan of the English Standard Verson Bible.

Hello everybody! Hope your month has been pretty good so far, and I wish you all a happy Independence Day!

Last week, we almost found 14 people (except we actually didnt). We were coming to a lesson for a guy (who will remain nameless so I can go into detail) and when he opened the door he was like "Oh by the way, I invited 14 of my friends to come too", amd we were like, "are we gonna teach 14 people"???

The answer was no, because it turned out that it was a whole entire evangelical Bible study group that we were somehow invited to, and they sang a lot of songs that were half prayers and half not?? And for the actual prayer it was bouncing all over the place from person to person and it was just really weird, then for the actual study it was actually kind of good, there was a bit of the spirit there but they were reading from the English Standard Version (which is really weird) and one guy kept trying to prove us wrong but again, he was reading from the ESV so it didn't really hold any water... after about an hour we decided to leave. It was interesting though.

Also this week.. President Richardson had his last zone Conference :(. It was really good, he talked about how we should always be ready for change, whether that be when there's a new mission president, or when you're in a new situation in like or whatever. God is always going to be changing you, so you need to get used to new things.

But yeah, he left on Saturday. We meet the new president this week!

Also... new Preach My Gospel!!! It's super cool. I love the emphasis on how we can make the gospel simpler and more effective, focusing on what people need to know rather than all the extra stuff that is hard to understand. It dropped for us when I was on splits with another Missionary, so we spent a lot of time looking at that haha. It's super interesting, we're still learning from it!

President Nelson in his video about it said that he wants all of us to use Preach my Gospel as a tool! Not just full time missionaries anymore! In light of that, I invite you to take a look at it online in the gospel library, and see what you learn from it!

Alright, catch you next week!

Elder Hatch

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Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Jul 06, 2023

That's an interesting challenge Elder Hatch, to have a surprise crowd to teach and discuss things with. That never happened to me in Korea, but it's something that happens when everybody speaks the same language... debate.

I am so looking forward to getting into the new Preach My Gospel book and using it the way Pres. Nelson has suggested.

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