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I'm happy that I'm alive!

Hello again all!

This week has been pretty dang good. We had Jay and Laretha come to Sacrament again, so they're moving along, even though they need a lot of help with their situation, luckily our members have been helping them get settled into the church.

We also did exchanges again this week, I went with Elder Larson, we had a LOT of fun, and got a few lessons in, he's a really good Elder.

So this week we also got to talk to Ellie. She met us at the funeral last week and was just passing through and said hi to us at the lunch. We'll, we start messaging her more about the plan of salvation and the church, and she said she'd be down with taking some lessons! We met with her and talked about the church a while. She said she was interested in coming to sacrament meeting, and lo and behold, she did! She's a super sweet lady and she's already talking about becoming a member so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

This week I've thought a lot about one of my favorite hymns, I Know my Heavenly Father Loves Me (or the "whenever I hear the song of a bird" song) from the children's songbook.

I love our world. I love its people I love the trees and the birds and the flowers.

The world is full of darkness, but it is also full of light. How wonderful that I have friends that email me sometimes to tell me things! How wonderful to live in a world where frogs and birds both say beep! How amazing that there are people who will help an old person across the street, or give you a hug when you're sad, or let you tell them about your favorite book. How wonderful the seasons and their pallete of colors, showing off the artwork of God. I am in love this world I live in, and I'm sorry that I forget sometimes. Yes, I do indeed know that my Heavenly father loves me. And he Loves you all too! And so do I!

This week I invite you to all look for three things that you appreciate about your life, whether small or big, and just acknowledge them, whether it's telling somebody, or writing it down, or just making an effort to think about it. And, when you get the chance, thank God for those things.

I love you all! Stay safe and know you are worth more than you cam imagine!

Elder Hatch

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