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I sang a song

Hiya everybody, this week was good!!! A lot of things happened.

So first of all, there was a funeral that we were asked to help with, so we went there, and I was asked to help sing!!! Me and Sister Bushman sang "On Eagles wings", which I have never sung before haha, and Sister Hendrix helped play the piano and my companion wasn't asked to do anything so he just sat back and watched us work (I'm kidding, but he did find it hilarious)

The funeral was really spiritual, and we enjoyed being able to help the Holms.

Not a lot else happened. A guy tried to convert us to veganism. I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and we taught a few people. It was a good week.

Okay. Spiritual thought.

My favorite hymn is I have a Family Here on Earth. It's a children's hymn, but I love it anyway.

This does not just mean my immediate family, although I am so blessed to have the family I do. We are all a family of God. President Nelson released another video on his Facebook page earlier this week, talking about how we should love and respect each other as Brothers and Sisters in heaven.

I love living on this planet. I love people, who I believe are largely wonderful and good. I love my Heavenly Father, who makes this all possible.

This week, I invite you to let your family, whether immediate, ward, or eternal, that you love them. More people need to know that they matter, and in my 18 years of life I've never met a single person who didn't matter. I invite you to strengthen your relationship with them, through the power and gospel of Jesus Christ. I promise as you grow to care about those around you, your life will be the richer for it.

I love you all. Stay safe! See you next week!

Elder Hatch


Elder Hare tries some new glasses

Some pics from the funeral with Bro Montes


Mall of America

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