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I washed some dishes for once in my life

Hi gang! It's been a good week over in Redwing Minnesota for me, I really enjoyed the work here.

So this week me and my district leader, Elder Larson, went on exchanges, and we got to teach a newly baptized family in Oakdale, the Adjokos. They were super sweet and loved the gospel, you could just feel the spirit in their home. The next day, me and Elder Harper went to go do service at a charity dinner fundraiser! I got to bus tables and run a heavy duty industrial grade dishwasher. It was fuuun. It felt like ratatouille. So for my spiritual thought, I'll turn to Zone Conference, which we also had this week! We talked about work. Im gonna be honest with you: sometimes work is not fun. In fact sometimes it's the opposite of fun but also, everything worth doing is work. Creating is work. It is also expressive and insliring Raising Children is work. Its also how we build a better future for the world. Relationships are work. They are also how we gain true satisfaction in our lives. Discipleship is work. Hard work sometimes. A d sometimes it doesn't seem fair. But God will never ask us to do more than we are capable of. He may ask us to change, and changing can be painful. But in the end, we grow into better, more worthy and able disciples of God. And in the end, it is not all suffering and pain. And because of that pain we learn to appreciate the temporary peace and joy in our lives. I invite yall this week to identify at least 2 ways in which you have decided to continue to be a disciple, even though it's hard. I invite you to congratulate yourself on that, because it is wonderful. You are all wonderful. Keep going, because life is worth living. That's all from me! Love yall, stay safe! -Elder Hatch PICS: - Elder Fifita and Harper on exchanges -Boot Barn pic -The MOA haul -several pics of me and Elder Larson -Elders Larson and Fifita at District Council -The Best Lego set ever (rivendell from lord of the rings) -the best lemon bars ever -Elder Harper modeling foods long since expired

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