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I went to a concert

Hiya everybody!!

This week we had a loooot of lessons. But it's good to stay busy. We had Zone Conference, and president talked a lot about bees! The reason that the beehive is a prominent symbol in the church is because bees are industrious! (In fact, the slogan of Utah is INDUSTRY, which I find hilarious). We need to be busy and industrious in doing the lords work. Easter was very good. Our friends Joseph came one Sunday, which marks the first time in a while we've had someone actually come haha. There were a lot of cool talks and it was special.

We took our friend Art to the Lamb Of God concert on Saturday, which is an amazing and powerful orchestral and choral performance about the atonement of Jesus Christ.

I can tell he really enjoyed it, he said it was very moving. So, this week President Nelson posted a video about forgiveness. Forgiving, especially today it seems, is very hard and unpopular. People, sometimes, are spectacularly awful, and we think we shouldn't let go of the things we hold on to. But, like President Nelson said in his talk, we need to see others as children of God and realize how much he loves them. So, this week, watch that video from President Nelson and apply it to your life! I promise as you do you will be able to find more joy and heal and strengthen your relationships! That's all for thus week! Ciao! Elder Hatch Pictures: The District An arboretum/greenhouse we went to Exchanges, our member dinner was awesome, they let us hold their lightsabers

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