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In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight!


I didn't think I was going write this week, but I won't have time next week so here ya go! Here's some things!

* I've been writing like a bajillion goodbye notes to everyone

* My bestie Jesse is really REALLY considering baptism! He's come such a long way and it's been so amazing to see his progress! And my other friend Richard too! He's getting baptized on the 18th!!

* Had an interesting phone call with a Bible basher the other day. It actually boosted our confidence in teaching because we answered all of his questions with confidence, and I know the spirit was there to help!

* Had my first empty tram. And then another this week. That's 2 for the mish!

* Went out with the auxiliaries and had some pretty fire mini lessons (I'll explain more)

* Went on exchanges twice this week! Sister bloomfield was my last exchange

They both went great! Sister Cox and I practiced and roleplayed doing a 30 second-1 minute resto. It helped a lot to solidify our teachings. I found out you can give a pretty bomb testimony in just 1 minute!

* I forgot to mention last week that we had zone conference! It was way smaller this time because it was literally just our zone, but it was nice!

We talked about going back to the basics of missionary work. Something me and my housemates have been thinking of lately is how simple the gospel is! There's only 5 principles and ordinances of the Gospel, and if you have a clear understanding and firm testimony of those, that's really all you need! The rest will fall into place.

This week has merged with last week and I honestly can't remember a lot of it. It was good though! I think one miracle that stuck out to me this week was Amari. He's in our branch and he's very shy. He's preparing to serve a mission, but he's struggling with his testimony, and we've been trying to meet with him but he's never answered our phone calls or texts. We decided to try again, so we asked him if he was still planning on serving a mission and he said he is! He's working on his papers, and is working on some personal things before he's ready to go. We offered to have the Elders do studies with him, or have him join them to do missionary work with them, and he said "Oh, yeah maybe" so it seemed to lean towards a yes which is a miracle in our eyes. I know that the Lord cares about all of his children. Amari is really awesome and he is going to be a great missionary!! It felt good to minister to the one.

Speaking of ministering, something else we did this week was we went out with our auxiliaries to go minister to a few people! It was awesome! We all carpooled! It was funny because there was this one house that didn't have a door (it fell off? Haha) and our EQ 1st counselor just walks in and starts knocking on their individual room doors It worked though! We met a guy named Nephi, (a member) who just got back from being on the mainland for forever, and he had us all come in and sit down! We talked and a few more roommates joined then we shared a scripture and a little message with them before we left. It was really cool because the scripture we chose was a more subtle one, but one of the guys told us after that that was his favorite scripture, and he bore his testimony to us about why it was significant to him! Soo awesome! The next place we visited was really good too. We could all feel the spirit really strong and knew that they all needed and were grateful to feel it too.

Throughout this month I've seen the Lords hand in all the little and big miracles we've witnessed. I've seen him blessing Sister Hong with having so many opportunities to teach in Korean, and to speak German! Me with my Mandarin too. Something I like to focus on especially when we're giving tours is that this is the Lord's work. We are simply placed where we are to help the guests be able to feel the spirit and to remember and act on the feelings they had while they were here!

That's my invitation to you this week! Go through your journal or think of a time where you really felt the spirit. Think about what it was you were doing to have the spirit to be with you and do some of those things again! I promise that doing those things that invite the spirit into your homes will give you greater joy and peace! And all your friends and family who come into your homes as well!

I love you all! Aloha ️


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