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It's been real ✌️

It was such a privilege serving in the Hawaii Honolulu mission, but the time has come (rather quickly I'd say) to return to the HLM (Hawaii Laie Mish)!

To be honest I've served 6 months in this mission and I'm really going to miss it. The work here has been challenging and fun! I've made so many friendships with the missionaries, the people we're teaching, and our ward(s) members. I've seen my testimony of my Savior and his gospel increase as I've stretched myself to teach and preach His doctrine!

My new companion will be sister Hong and we'll be serving in the YSA Sunset branch! I'm excited to get to work!!

I'm going to miss sister Fifita. And the Chinese group. Some part of me is really sad to go back to the Laie mission, but I know it'll be good to be back. I'm just sad to leave all the friends I've made out here. But that's okay, the work goes on!

I broke my guitar a couple weeks ago, and the people here are so loving! One member let me borrow her guitar so I could re-record a song we semi wrote for our friend Kekoa when he was baptized. One of our friends we're teaching literally did the same thing! He said he was so thankful someone let him borrow their guitar while he was in the navy, so he wanted me to have it until I go home.

The work has still been hard, but it's slowly moving along! We had a lesson with one of our less actives and her unbaptized son. The boy had no interest in our lesson, but the mom later thanked us for reminding him of his purpose on earth. I know it was a miracle that the mom was touched enough to reach out after!

Overall, being outbound has been one of the greatest experiences on my mission!! Can't deny I'm excited to be back in the muumuu tho

Love yall!


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