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Jesus Christ taught that baptism is essential to the salvation of all (John 3:5)

Youth Temple trip 2-16-2022 to Fresno Temple :

The youth, young men of the Yosemite Ward had a wonderful time at the Temple performing

baptisms for their ancestors who are deceased. There were 9 young men there, and 6 adults.

For some of the younger Deacons, this was their first time at the Temple.

Fresno Temple Entrance

Many came with their parents which was a special occasion for those boys and their parents to perform proxy baptisms for their own ancestors. Danny Weir, Andrew Hatch, and Jacob Hatch performed the baptizing, while the other Young Men stood in as proxies for their own ancestors as well as others ancestors. It was a wonderful evening at the Temple followed by a late dinner at

In N Out Burgers, a YM/YW tradition after attending the Temple

Overview of Baptisms for the Dead:

Jesus Christ taught that baptism is essential to the salvation of all who have lived on earth (see

John 3:5). Many people, however, have died without being baptized. Others were baptized

without proper authority. Because God is merciful, He has prepared a way for all people to

receive the blessings of baptism. By performing proxy baptisms in behalf of those who have

died, Church members offer these blessings to deceased ancestors. Individuals can then

choose to accept or reject what has been done in their behalf.

Some people have misunderstood that when baptisms for the dead are performed, deceased

persons are baptized into the Church against their will. This is not the case. Each individual has

agency, or the right to choose. The validity of a baptism for the dead depends on the deceased

person accepting it and choosing to accept and follow the Savior while residing in the spirit

world. The names of deceased persons are not added to the membership records of the


The New Testament indicates that baptisms for the dead were done during the time of the

Apostle Paul (see 1 Corinthians 15:29).

This ordinance was restored with the establishment of

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For a more complete description of Baptisms for the Dead, please click on the link below.

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That was a very fun and enjoyable evening, especially for the "First Timers" :)

Thank you Bishop for formatting and setting this post up, much appreciated.

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