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Life is Stressful, but we can take it

Heyo everybody! It's yet another report from your favorite Elder on the goings on here in Redwing Minnesota!

So this week was Zone Conference, which if you don't know is the bi monthly missionary gathering where we all come together and listen to our leaders talk about important stuff. A running theme this time was stress.

Our lives our filled with stress, it's probably unavoidable as far as I can tell. Whether that be going to school, getting a job, changing a lightbulb, doing taxes, climbing a ladder, taking over a nation, baking a cake, falling in love, raising kids- these are all things that come with varying degrees of stress.

When Jesus called the apostles to go forth, two by two, teaching the gospel, I'm sure that there was a lot to be stressed about. They only had a change of clothes and a staff. They didn't even bring food with them. Some had to go as far as Samaria to teach, to places where they were hated, where they might even die.

I'm sure some were worried. I'm sure some didn't even want to go.

But they went. Why?

First, because they knew they were in the lords hands. They knew that if they were commanded, a way would be prepared for them.

Secondly, because they loved the lord, and they loved the gospel. They knew that they were doing the best thing possible for the lives of the people they loved. And all the people they would love. And if they had to make sacrifices to do so, they would.

This probably didn't mean the stress went away. Maybe some of it did, maybe most of it did. But they were people, like you and me. And isn't that wonderful? Some of the most inspiring and powerful people we can look up to, were also just like us. The reasons they could keep going is because they knew why they did what they did. And if you have the right why you can bear almost any how.

I testify that if you will make the gospel the center of your life you will receive increased blessings, and as you find your why, will be able to take all life throws at you.

I can also testify that you are all wonderful and amazing children of God, and that he loves you so much.

And I love you too! All of you! Even if I don't know you that well! You deserve to be loved and you have the light of Christ!

Godspeed yall!

Elder Hatch

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