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Mele Kalikimaka! 🎄🎅🎁🌴

Aloha! It's been another fantastic week!

We had a member meet with one of our friends named Emily (that's my name! Lol) a couple weeks ago, but she cancelled and we haven't been able to set up another time to meet because of our schedules. Ugh. That's okay tho! This week we were going through a list of people to reach out to and her name popped into my head. I felt like we need to text her but not about our usual "when is a good time for us to meet?" type of text. Rather, we felt like we just needed to see how she was doing. So we texted saying that we were thinking of her and asked how she was. She texted back saying that we must've been inspired because she happened to be going through a rough time. And we ended up setting a time to meet up at the Visitors' Center!

Fast forward a couple days and I'm on exchanges with sister Bloomfeild! This is her first transfer here so she's fresh out of the MTC! She is awesome! We had one of those mentor zoom meetings for new trainer/trainies that they forgot they had scheduled for the day we happened to have exchanges on lol. I didn't have the best mindset going into it, but boy was I blown away! The mentor was so nice and really helped us with setting achievable goals for this next year! (there's a point to all this I promise haha)

Later that exchange day we had the member meet with Emily. She came and told us her whole life story and all the problems she's been going through. She's doing her best to follow Heavenly Father's plan, but she's kinda stuck right now and isn't getting any guidance thus far. While she was telling us all her problems, nothing came to me. The scripture we had prepared to share didn't fit the situation but once one of us began to speak, the other would get insights and ideas of what we needed to share with her! That was probably one of the top 5 most spiritual member meets. It was so cool to see how the spirit led us through it, and taught me more fully the importance of teaching in unity! We ended up sharing so a couple things we learned from the mentor class that morning with her, which now that I think of it, was meant for her more than for us! Heavenly Father really is in the details of our lives, and even though he doesn't take our problems away, he gives us ways to get through them.

This week has been awesome in the fact that we've seen lots of miracles and tender mercies! We exceeded our goals this week! So we had a goal to get 4 NF this week and we got 3. So yesterday before our VC shift, we made a goal to get one more so we can make it to 4. While on shift, one of the sisters on trams saw Sister Hong and brought a Korean couple right to her! She absolutely popped off with her Korean and taught them about temples! She got their contact info and I was just so proud of how confident she was in her Korean!! Then another tram came and there was a couple looking at the temple model very curiously. We approached them and asked if they had any questions about any of the rooms. The boyfriend looked very uninterested, but the girl was so curious asking about the "pool" in the middle. She'd been raised Catholic so she'd never really heard of baptism by immersion. After teaching her we offered to send her a video that explains more About what happens in temples! She said yes and gave us her number! At this point we're guiding them to the front desk to give them a temple pamphlet and she asked what the book was.

I was like "hallelujah!" in my head! Gave a brief explanation because their tram was about to leave, and offered her one in Spanish (She's from Mexico, her English is perfect tho!) She took the BoM and we just felt so good!! Heavenly Father is not only blessing us, but the people we're helping! I'm so grateful to play a part in their start to the covenant path!

I gotta go, but I love you all and hope you have a Fantastic week!


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