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Ministering and Children and Youth, a Global Principle-based Program, for ALL Children

For our 5th Sunday recap, here are slides from the presentation about missionary work, preparing youth to serve as well as older people to serve. We are in this together. The new Children and Youth program has been created to merge with ministering, leadership principles, goal setting, achievements and last but not least, being creative in inspired service.

One of the most profound results of this fundamental change to discontinue past programs such as scouting and the young women's programs was to create a new program, Children and Youth, that was comprehensive of all ages of children under 18, and was the same for both genders, and All-in-One program, and doable in any country throughout the world. A fantastic compatible and better program of ideals and principles that can be acceptable to any country and adaptable to local needs and interests. Truly a program that is worthy of a global church, which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints now is.

The Lord's principle on this has been in the Doctrine and Covenants revelations for nearly 200 years, and the Lord has said about being creative and anxiously engaged in the scripture to the left, D&C 58:27-29

So be creative! The power is within us to learn and adapt the Children and Youth principles to our own needs, our own goals, and to helping others do the same. We help each other to progress even more on the covenant path.

Here are the slides to the presentation. Wish you could have been there if you were not able, and for those that were, a refresher of slides shown minus the videos and all of the discussion which we had.

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