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Montreal do be kinda...

Montreal weather is dummy weird.

For the past month it snowed, melted, snowed, melted, snowed, melted, and now it has snowed again and is sticking for 2 days so far. That's a new record.

Last week it spiked like 13c 60f degrees

In deCember! Super Warm.

There's a thing called seasonal depression. Some people get it cause of winter, and snow. But I think I had it cause it wasn't snowing, snow makes me happy.

Anyways, 2 members in our ward got endowed last Saturday! One of them is named Miranda. We teach her english/gospel to her every week. She has a wonderful spirit. Very humble.

I haven't been to the temple for 2 or so months. And going last Saturday was a miracle. The session was in Chinese. Perty cool.

2 weeks ago we had a Christmas ward party, and all of the members gave all 8 of us missionaries cereal. I kid you not, there was like a mountain of cereal. I'll have pics at the bottom.

We're finding new people, slowly but surely this ward will increase.

Unfortunately a new covid variant is

Out n about, but that won't stop us from doing missionary work.

Love my mission, and the members. Especially the members. They are very kind.

I was teaching my Chinese friend over zoom, and we were talking about our favorite Chinese idioms.

Shout-out to Elder Daw.

I told him the one you told us in MTC.


Within the four seas

all men are brothers.

Love that idiom so much.

Anyways, that's all for now. Peace

Me at the Temple.

My district.


Those black garbage bags are full of cereal boxes

Snow mountain in Wal-mart parkin lot.

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