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No one talks about the roaches in Hawaii...

Zone conference was incredible to say the least. The spirit of all the missionaries gathered in one room bearing their testimonies is unreal! I've learned so much from the spirit there, and cried probably the most this conference.

One of the ways the spirit speaks to me is through music, and in the middle of the conference president Bassett tells us to close our eyes and listen to the hymn he had on his phone. He put it up to the microphone, and we all listened. It was the hymn Our Savior’s Love. It was amazing that in just those 30 seconds, I knew for sure that Jesus loved me more than I could comprehend. It was healing in a way to know that the Savior’s love conquers all.

I'm putting space in between this because that was a special spiritual experience. This next paragraph is not, so I apologize for not transitioning my thoughts better..

Cockroach story time..

So it had been a long day (same day we had zone conference) after 9pm hit, I was exhausted. I actually fell asleep early then sister Birchell woke me up to finish playing our card game we started at dinner. So we're in the middle of our card game and I'm brushing my teeth. (Killing two birds with one stone here) After I finish my turn, I go to the bathroom to spit, and this MASSIVE thing emerges from the darkness, fLYING toward my face!! I realize it's a giant cockroach, and I think I zoomed out of there faster than lightning while screaming with toothpaste/brush still in mouth. And it CHASED me down the hallway! Everyone said it looked like a cartoon because of the way I was running with the roach following behind haha. It went under the couch and after much waiting and watching... and screaming, we sprayed that bad boy with buckets of raid! It went bizZeRk and trippled its speed! Under the couch, up the curtain, jumped to the couch, off the couch! Finally it died. Then we put a pass along card next to it to show how big it was. Bigger than Jesus' head! Insane. Sorry this story was nOt important, but I thought it was too insane not to share lol.

On a more spiritual note,

I've been seeing a lot of miracles but only half miracles if that makes sense. I found and talked to so many people this week and last that want to study with missionaries, that want to learn more, study the BoM, etc. But then they ghost us as soon as we ask for their number, or set up a time to meet. I think Heavenly Father is trying to teach me lots of things come to think of it: patience, humility, fortitude, and most importantly that they have their free agency. I was talking to my dad about it and he told me that it's good to plant those seeds! Most people don't even know what they want right away. They say they want to study with missionaries, but don't realize how much commitment it takes, or that they have to start going to church and things like that. He told me to keep going. It seemed discouraging at first, but I can see it from a different perspective now! I'm going to keep praying for miracles, testifying, and inviting! Because who knows when they'll be ready. We can't physically see what's happening on the other side, but I pray that my short testimony reached many of them.

I know the Lord sees our efforts. He loves when we try! Never give up if you're feeling discouraged! Keep praying! Keep asking, seeking, and knocking!

Love you guys! Have the best week!

- Sister Johnson

1. Snapped a picture of President playing Ninja! The amount of focus! Impressive.

2. We are apparently Mililani.

3-4. So da bomb with the squad!

5. Me n me compie!

6-7 our little fam!

8. Zone conference zone pic!

9. Mission exercise!! Still sore lol

10. The roach y'all were waiting for

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