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Out of the blue, he texts us: "So... I just got my paycheck,how do I pay tithing?"

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Weekly? More like...

uhmm, yeah. So it's been a while.

And bOY this past month has been a blassst.


So basically our Chinese friend is progressing. Every day he continues to learn more and more about the Gospel.

And his desire to do more is growing.


So for the longest time I was always slightly concerned about friend's thoughts about 《Tithing》Because I'm not sure if you know but uh... In China...


And uh yeah, I continued to pray for him.

And out of the blue, he texts us and is like

"So... I just got

my paycheck,

how do I pay tithing?"

...Me and my comp (Elder Knorpp) read that and were so shocked. Like... Wutta Miracle!

Uuuunfortunately he said that if he tells his wife about it she would kiLL him

It's funny but lowkey sad

We told him that as if he does pay tithing, he should tell his wife because... It's just the right thing to do. No wife would not want to feel like something is being kept secret.

So yeah, other than that. Much success and progress!


IM SOoo happy. Badminton is baaaack.

It's been like 3 good months, and its finally back.


SO many Miracles.

The first badminton day was amazing.

We show up, no ones there.

A member finally shows up. And another guy walks in, I assume he's a member.

And one of the member walks up to me and is like, "Who is that?"

I reply, "no clue"

I go up to the guy and start speakin Chinese. It was pretty basic Chinese, but I think I was blessed with the gift of tongues that night. I take no credit for this gift. All credit goes to Heavenly Father.

He says his name is Simon. He's from Vietnam area, moved to montreal 40 years go because of the Vietnam war.

And I ask him, "Who told you that we have these badminton activities?"

He says, "Someone posted up posters in China Town, and me and my friends were trying to find a place to play."

Like... BRO.

how aweSOME is that!

Later I found out it was Elder Chin, Elder Ford, and Elder Byerly who put up the posts around 3 MoNths ago.

Shout-out to these awesome Missionaries.

Elder Chin has 2 personalities: a goofy side and a spiritual giant side.

Tonight he was going spiritual giant mode.

Simons friend: Mr. JIANG, him and Elder Chin were talking. And Elder Chin brings up how every sunday we meet here and have church.

And from that conversation led to Prophets, the Bible, the Great Apostasy, and many other principles. Elder Chin was popping off. And he later adds him on Facebook, and offers him to teach him more if he's interested. COOL. I was amazed how bold he was.

I'm sure there's more I could say, but I gotta make next week's email interesting

Can't take aaaaallll the good parts.



Elder Johnson

Elder Johnson speaking at Mandarin Branch in Montreal, Canada

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1 Comment

Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Apr 20, 2022

I have so many tithing stories in my life about how blessings came shortly after being obedient to the commandment, to tithe. When money is gone, and tithing is paid anyway, even sometimes on the NEXT DAY more than enough money comes in to make one wonder at what a miracle it is.

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