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Sis. Johnson: "ALOHA!" 10/27/2021

Emily Johnson Wed, Oct 27, 7:53 PM to grant

This week is already flying by and it feels like we're still planning things for last week. That doesn't make sense, but I don't know how else to word it. The weeks are merging together. Definitely gonna have to get better at journaling.. Anyhoo, I’ve been trying my best to learn everything I can from my companions sister Lee, and sister Park. I kinda feel like a lost puppy at times when it comes to our crazy-busy schedule, appointments, (not to mention transfers are next week) etc. but not to worry! I’m picking up on a few things! And It’s becoming more exciting than overwhelming! Something crazy that happened this week is some of the sisters in our district weren't feeling so good, so we had precautions to take. Aka, we shut the visitor's center down, took COVID tests, and had to quarantine for 2 days before we got our results back. We all negative wooo! Back to work! (Jk missionary work never ends even in quarantine) It's actually been really good in quarantine. We had zone counsel over zoom, and the overall message was that we can choose to be happy during our trials. "The joy that we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives." We went on a hike last week and got lost before we could even find the trail lol. We added an extra 3 miles to our 1 mile hike haha, it was awesome though! The view was well worth it!! I love being out in nature and focusing on all the detail and the beauty of the earth. And to think 'Heavenly Father created that for me' really allows us to feel his love for us! I invite you all to look for something this week that reminds you of God's love for you. Love you all, mahalo! -sister Johnson Also here's a bunch of pictures of me, my zone, and the OCEAN

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