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Sis. Johnson: The First Three Days in Honolulu Hawaii Mission

Emily Johnson Wed, Oct 13, 9:01 PM to grant

It has been an amazing 3 days here! The second I stepped outside of the airport I was hit by the amazing warm breeze of Hawaii... and fell in love. Elder and sister King (my temple visitor's center directors) and my companions sister Park and sister Lee) were there to pick me up. I have been swarmed with love from all of them! My companions are sister training leaders, so I'm learning so much from them! They are the sweetest, most confident and Christ-like missionaries you could meet! I'm so grateful for their love and support they've shown me. Yesterday we had zone conference, and wow! It was an amazing experience having hundreds of missionaries in a chapel. The spirit of missionary work was strong! It was so cool, because towards the end, President Walker said he was inspired to have all of us go outside for the next 30 minutes and find someone to share the message of the restoration with, and invite them to be baptized! And several of our missionaries had people accept!! We didn't invite anyone to be baptized, but we handed out visitor's center tour cards, and it was awesome seeing their faces light up! I know that the Lord loves everyone. He wants all his children to return to him. It is our job to find his elect. Those who are ready to accept the gospel NOW. And I know he will lead us to them (or lead them to the visitor's center hehe) if we sincerely pray for those specific miracles. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Always remember Heavenly Father loves you! And so do I! ‐ sister Johnson

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