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Sis. Johnson: "We saw elder Bednar... TWICE this Sunday! "

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Emily Johnson . Nov 20, 2021, 8:40 PM

We saw elder Bednar... TWICE this Sunday! He spoke to all the missionaries in the Hawaii Honolulu mission. That's like 400+ missionaries. Epic! He did something really awesome. He would start by asking a question, and anyone who felt prompted to answer would raise their hand, and he would be led by the spirit with who to call on. The spirit was felt like no other!! After the spiritually ENERGIZING devotional with the missionaries, our zone was blessed (because we're over YSA this transfer) to walk over to the BYUH sports center to see yet another devotional by Elder and Sister Bednar!! It was so cute to see them joke around and show the love they have for each other, and for the students (and us haha). It was also amazing to see them testify boldly to almost 3000 students, and just to be in the same room, all united!! We went on a run Thursday morning because my companion loves to run... and I love my companion! Haha, it actually wasn't that bad! The sunrise was gorgeous! And it's really easy to appreciate this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us by being out IN it!! So I'm actually thankful we ran. Friday morning we filmed all us VC sisters singing joy to the world with our ukuleles. This is for the upcoming Christmas devotional which is going to be streamed on our Facebook Ohana page Coming soon! We did some service cleaning up at the graveyard this morning which was hot, but fun. It feels so good to serve! Which is why I love being on a mission! When we were gettingin the car to leave, sister Lee lost her name tag magnet, and we searched the car for a solid 4 minutes. No where to be found. Then sister Liu suggested we say a prayer, so we did. As soon as she finished praying, I picked up sister Lee's Keychain and lo and behold, stuck to the metal was her magnet. It's crazy to think that even on a mission, we can be so distracted with trying to do everything on our own, that we forget to simply ask in faith. Elder Bednar talked about how faith requires action. When we put our faith into action, that is when we truly begin to see miracles. I testify that Heavenly Father is always aware of us. He knows our needs, and wants to help us. But we need to do OUR best to always remember HIM and not take for granted the blessings we are given. My testimony is being strengthened every day, and I hope each one of you are doing things every day that strengthen YOUR relationship with the Lord. I love you all, and want you to have a fabtabulous week!!

-Sister Johnson I'm too lazy to name all the pics.. have fun interpreting! Lol

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