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Sister Johnson: "Its been a funtastic week!" November 6, 2021

Emily Johnson

Sat, Nov 6, 8:44 PM It's been funtastic week!! We had transfers, so my new companion/trainer is sister Fernsten! She's also from Cali (bay area) and she's super chill, but follows the rules to a tee which is awesome! We moved houses, so now there's 4 of us! Since I came off-transfer, I missed orientation. So I had the opportunity to do it with the new group of sisters that came in! One of the new sisters is sister Liu! She speaks Mandarin, and *drumroll* She is living in the same house! And *second drumroll* her trainer is (my old trainer) sister Lee!! Wooo we got a house full of Chinese speakers! Minus sister Fernsten haha, but she's a trooper! We plan on having her be fluent by the next 6 weeks. Jk lol. This is my first time not being in a trio, and it's been really cool! I've had a little more time to go over some things in the TC (teaching center) and the VC (visitor's center). We are in a new ward, and we decided to make muffins and hand them out to the students on campus so we could hopefully meet some people in our ward, and the first person we talked to, boom. She's in 12th ward! There's about 16 YSA wards so what are the odds?! It's cool because miracles don't have to be big to be recognized and appreciated Something important to remember is that faith precedes the miracle. Something I'm super excited for is that Elder Bednar is coming to speak to the missionaries on the 14th in Laie! And their going to fly out all the missionaries in Hawaii for it!! Crazy!! I cannot wait to hear what he has to say to us! Anyhoo, I hope you all are able to have a wonderful week! Peace and shakas from Hawaii! Sister Johnson Here's some pics of my last companionship! Imma miss sister Park! The rest is the beauty of Hawaii and the temple! Love to see it!! Oh! Annnnd *drumrolllll* me new 同伴 Fernsten 姐妹!!

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