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SNOW TRIP to Goat Meadow Trailhead by Yosemite South Gate

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

The Yosemite Ward had been planning this snow trip for our youth for several months. It got postponed once, and we worried there would be no snow, but there was a place called Goat Meadow Trailhead, a snow play area up near the south gate of the Yosemite national park. The lines were very long to get into the Yosemite National Park, stretching miles back from the gate, but not too many were turning onto the road to go to this little snow play area.

Lucky for us.

We also went on a hike on the local trails there. While we hiked, the BBQ was fired up.

Food was being cooked and prepared, hamburgers that is, awaiting our return from the little hike.

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