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So I'm out in the field now!

OK so before I left we got to listen to a talk by elder Bednar and that was super cool.

He talked a lot about the significance of the sequences of events and things in the gospel. Why are the commandments in the order that they are? Or the Articles of faith? Why did the restoration happen like it did? Those are the kinds of questions he talked about and I learned that studying the sequence of events that things in the gospel happen in are very interesting.

So I'm out in the field now! My companions name is Elder Whipple and he's the coolest trainer ever. We've been doing a bunch of teaching, and it's been going good so far.

The highlight of my week was probably helping set up a Christmas tree for this lady named Mallory. She's been I vestigating the church for a while and isn't sure if it's true or not, but she loves the missionaries. She was wonderful and so thankful for our help, she even made us cookies which I was very thankful for. The things that keep me going on this mission are like that. For every cold call and person that cusses you out, there's always someone who really could use your help and is legitimately looking for answers and it's wonderful. Anyway that's all for this week (I don't have too many pictures but I'll try to get more this coming week). Love yall! Remember the people in your life who are worth keeping around! Elder Hatch

Pictures The tree we helped set up Me in Redwing! I was freezing lol Elder froggie A tiny snowman we made

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Lenora Webb
Lenora Webb
17 nov 2022

Awesome you truly are an inspiration I love your post it touched a few memories when I first started studying, friends were trying so hard to get me to stop to no avail. I love this church of Jesus Christ Amen.

Me gusta
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