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sometimes, God has a bigger plan, that will be better for us in the end

Hello everyone! I hope yall had a good new year! Sorry for forgetting to send an email last week, but it turns out there isn't a whole lot to update on. We're in the middle of what I call "the Slog", no new people for the last three weeks. Ugh.

So I guess how can we relate this to the gospel?

Sometimes, we pray for things. Sometimes, we wish we could move mountains, and we pray that the lord will help us move them. But sometimes, God has a bigger plan, that will be better for us in the end, even though from our little perspective we can't understand it. So sometimes, that mountain doesn't move! And we can choose to be angry about it, or to learn from it.

Well, it's a shorter letter this week. But zone conference is soon, and I'll have a lot to talk about after that! So that'll be fun!

Thanks so much to all of you! I love you all whether you're from my family or my friends or my ward and I love hearing from you! Yall are in my prayers! Take care!

Elder Hatch


1- the Greenie meal, from Brother and Sister Voigt. As you can tell, it's all green.

2- Martian chess, easier than it looks

3- new years eve, with some fancy Mocktails

4- a bridge that I liked, reminds me of "Cool Runnings"

5&6- we did a fancy water taste test with wine glasses and everything. From best to worst: Fiji, Givn, essentials, liquid Death, Waiakea, Ice Mountain, core, übr, Path, Life wtr, our purified water, and our tap water.

7- District dinner at Ihop

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