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Strong Impression...

We invited like 7 people to come watch General Conference with us but we only got one friend (Orhan) to come watch General Conference with us. It's better than 0 🤷🏼‍♂️

It was good to see him come. He came both Saturday and Sunday.

The one thing that I noticed in General Conference was "Strengthen Your Testimony." To nourish it, put in all your effort to get one. It's as simple as exercising, if you want results you gotta push through, even if you feel like you are getting no where, keep goiNg! It's a continuous process.

Last night we had a whole mission-wide meeting where all the zones shared their goals for this up coming month.

During it they were talking about baptism goals and I just got this strong impression that we need to extend an invitation to one of our friends to be baptized. I don't know which one, but one has to recieve this invitation.

Cause sometimes I think to myself "Why aren't they wanting to be baptized? We talk about it and the blessings of it. But then I realize that we never extended an invitation to any of them "to be baptized."

So this week I'm challenging myself to extend a baptismal invitation to someone. Next week I will report in my weekly of how it went. Everyone has their agency to choose Life Eternal or Spiritual Darkness, so I can't say that they are going to say yes. But I do believe in Miracles, and there's a promise I noticed in General Conference:

Read the scriptures, pray often, nourish your testimony, then WATCH for miracles.

I think Elder Ballard said it, but I loved how he said "then watch for miracles."

Miracles happen when we put in our faith and action. And I self-reflected this past month, and I realize that I need to put more faith and more action and watch for miracles.

Love yall, sorry for not sending my weekly's (weekly)

Also shout out to one of my homeboys

Eric Lawrence for starting his mission 🙌🏼

Peace ✌🏻

—Elder Johnson

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