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Subway🚉 ✨️Miracle✨

I miss the Mandarin branch so much.

When I went to church on Sunday there was so much new faces, a lot of friends that I haven't met were there. It makes me happy to see the Mandarin branch continually progressing.

I also have missed contacting in the Subway! It was a little more difficult finding new people in Greenfield park because most of the people speak French and I don't

But Subway contacting is awesome. For me, it takes a bit to get warmed up, but when I'm finally in the mode it's exciting when I genuinely feel a love for the people that I find and teach.

I had a small miracle...After leaving church we decided to do some finding in the Metro. I was not feeling it however. I didn't want to find or talk to anyone, I just wanted to go home. But almost instantly I felt a prompting from the Spirit to

(pray these feelings away)

A part of me wanted to dismiss it, but another part of me really wanted to have the desire to invite those I find to come unto Christ!

And I've read enough talks from Prophets and Apostles to know that when you dismiss a prompting most definitely you will regret not listening to it

So that's exactly what I did. I said a little prayer in my heart, and within the next 30 minutes I talked to quite a few people and got 3 phone numbers in a row! Now 3 is not a lot, but it is in my book.

One of those numbers was a Chinese lady who really wanted to come to church.

I was surprised when I invited her to church how faSt she said "yes". I was like "awesome!"

After I returned home I remembered that prayer, and I remembered how energetic and happy I felt soon after that prayer. TOTALLY a small but BIG blessing.

That prayer just testifies that God does answer prayers, even the simplest; Especially when we put in sincere faith, desire and action.

I love being a missionary the Lord's work is Awesome!

—Elder Johnson

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