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Just a heads up, I was writing my weekly last week, but didn't get far.

Basically I'm staying here in the Mandarin branch with Elder Davila again for my last trasnfer!! I'm so excited.

Ok, anyways.

This week has been AWESOME.

Okay, so this is what a key indicator looks like. It's supposed to help us missionaries keep track of our friends and create goals.

Not only that, but this app is a revelatory app.

Anyways, this is our goals for this upcoming week:

Last week, we had

1/3 new friends found

5/2 lessons with memebers participating

11/5 friends come to church

1/1 friends with baptismal date

Let's just talk about church. It was insane.

The day before we were finding a lot on the streets, and we were just getting rejected left and right. But that's completely normal for us, LOL.

But here and there we'd find a Chinese person. We found one in a neighborhood which is full of Chinese people, (so epic)

And we found a Chinese mom and her daughter in the metro.

And during our finding time, we had a friend who was "too busy" give us a call and tell us that he will be at church tomorrow. So epic.

But he actually didn't come, but it was still a great day.

Now for the crazy part:


Usually when we teach our friends we teach them slowly over time so that they can understand more. It even says that in Preach my Gospel.

But our friend Liu (Leo)

On another level.

We found him about a week ago, and from the get-go, he was like:

"Yeah! I'm interested!"

So he was already elect.

Anyways. We meet an hour ½ before church, and we get to know him. We ask him if he has any religious background, and he basically says "none" but he is learning with a colleague of his.

We teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he is just soaking all of it in and asking us so many questions which was awesome.

And then we have church, teach him the Sacrament.

After church he goes to class.

After class I ask how it was, and he says:

"it was great! We talked about inspiring things, and then I asked about resurrection and what that would be like. And the members helped me understand more."

And I was like, "AWesome!"

We then started talking about the resurrection. And as we're talking about it, I tell him to follow me, and I run to the chalk board and start giving him a visual of the Plan of Salvation.

We talked about where we came from, why we're here, and where we're going.

It was pretty cool to see just how interested he was with what we know.

Afterwards we had a potlock, and before Liu left, I forgot how it got brought up but we basically brought up the Book of Mormon.

We told him, "There's so much to talk about, so we want to meet with you to talk about the Restoration and about a Prophet named Joseph Smith."

And he's still asking questions

So me and my companion look at eachother and we're like, ok we're doing this now!

So we teach him the whole Restoration.

And focus a lot on prayer.

We taught him what the Spirit feels like, gave him examples, and asked if he has ever felt these kind of feelings before.

Me and Elder Davila testified the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and told him that me and him have both received answers to prayers.

And Liu looks at us and is like,

"Wait... So, can I receive and answer too?"

And we both basically blurt out a big "YES"

That made us happy.

We gave him the Book of Mormon, and invited him to read it. Because we told him that not only prayer is powerful, but scripture too. Scripture is a way of giving us more spiritual guidance and answers to prayers.

Liu is literally awesome.

I was this closefrom inviting him to be baptized.

We will very soon. Because this guy is ELECT. Very ready.

Besides that awesome miracle. We invited one of our friends: Jason Yang to be baptized this upcoming Sunday.

Thanks to a member participating in our lesson, he helped us answer Jason's questions, and also bore his testimony of baptism and other principles.

Jason is so humble, so kind. He is awesome, I love him so much.

And members are amazing. It is mathematically proven that Members help our friends make wonderful Covenants with God. They help so much, they are awesome. (Plus our Chinese is not the greatest, so that helps too, haha)

ANYWAYS, long email.

The work of the Lord is EPIC!


more pics

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1 Comment

Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson
Jul 06, 2023

That meal with the members, and I presume also Liu, looks so fun and delicious, at the big round table that moves, right? The members look happy, Liu looks happy, what a great privilege to serve among them. GREAT JOB this week Adam!

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