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Sunday with a 🍒 on top

WenGe and her husband Xiao Tu finally made it to church!

This is the first time in a long time that one of our friends we are teaching actually made it to church; they're either not keeping appointments or are too busy.

As they came in we went into the chapel, Elder Loveland sat by the wife, and I sat by the husband. Throughout the meeting I explained to him the importance of the Sacrament and why we do it.

He never heard of the Sacrament and he's very curious about a lot of things.

After a lot of amazing talks we introduced them to our wonderful members and most importantly to the Kjars (Cares)

Elder and Sister Kjar (our senior missionaries) are literally the most amazing people. Honestly they feel like grandparents.

Elder Kjar talked with Xiao Tu about the Holy Ghost and compared it to a spiritual GPS. The way Elder Kjar talks is amazing, he definitely is guided by the Spirit and knows what to say. The Spirit was strong in the foyer room, I felt it, and I know Xiao Tu and his wife felt it. It was so powerful that even Elder Kjar pointed it out that what they were feeling at the moment was and is the Holy Ghost.

The Kjars told them how MUCH the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed them and their family and how much it can and will bless them.

They invited them to come over to dinner with them and us (the missionaries) this week, and they said absolutely.

Literally the best Sunday out of my whole entire mission. Having these miracles is what makes the mission so memorable!!


—Elder Johnson

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