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Temple trip!!!

So we had a temple trip this Tuesday after zone conference!! It was really special. Our zone conference was a lot of good advice, one thing i thought was cool was the idea of needing multiple parts of a whole to work. Prez Richardson said that we need both sides of a coin to have its value, and in the same way we need both of many things in our lives as missionaries, like in a companionship, or how you need both the letter of the law AND the spirit of the law, or how you need both your heart AND your mind to be effective.

After that was the temple. In the celestial room you really get a good perspective of eternity and how short our lives on this earth are in comparison. Makes lots of the problems we think we have seem small.

Other than that not a lot happened. We got Mallory to go to sacrament meeting and had some good teaching appointments with this guy named Mike who wanted to see what the church was about. He was really nice, and I hope we get somewhere with him.

Anyway short letter this week but it was pretty uneventful. Love all yall, have a great week!

Elder Hatch

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